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Day One Update.

Ok. So the first Up Day of my JUDDD Diet is almost over. I'm not going to eat anything else now, and if I do, it'll be lettuce.

I ended up at 10 calories under my up day amount, which was 1800 something. I ate WAY too much in the morning, but ate normally in the afternoon and evening. Tomorrow is a down day, during which I'll eat as little as I can, but I'll limit my intake at 400 calories.

I'm desperate for this to work. I really am. I'm positive about it, but I'm so scared. Scared that it won't work, scared that I'm going to purge each of my up days like I did today, although I don't think I got anything up, scared that I'll screw up my down days... There are so many variables which could go wrong. And all of them depend on my willpower and belief in the diet. Believing in the diet is so hard. I know I can go without eating, it's just the fact that I'm going to have to put all my faith into something I have no guarantee will work.

This is so hard. But I'll do it for 8 days. If I don't lose any weight by then, I can't do this any more.

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Hi, I just joined! Tomorrow is my first down day. Today wasn't even supposed to be my up day, as just now found out about the diet, but I figured since I ate a lot today, I might as well start d-daying tomorrow. Wish me luck!
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hi everyone, i just heard about this and thought it was a great sounding easy thing to do.

what i'm confused about, i tend to gain weight on anything over 500 cals a day, because my metabolism is shot. it says i shoud be having 1633 on up days and 572 on the down day :/ that seems like a LOT to me...

so for those of you with experience.. does it need to be that high for it to work? or do you think it would be faster if i cut it to like 1000 then 200? sorry if i sound stupid, i just can't believe you could eat this much and lose weight still.

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It's my first day. Upday.
And I am supposed to consume 1710 cals.
I am only at 980.
And worked out 1000 somthing cals!
I'm at a loss of what to do!!!!

Thank god tomorrow is a down day of 324!

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Ok, today is an up day for me. I just had a HUGE breakfast because there is just so much food in the house. Urgh. I'm going to have a lighter lunch to make up for it, and a normal dinner.